OOP Kit Instructions

Here is a listing of instructions for older kits Dynasoar Rocketry has produced that are now discontinued.  In some cases I made changes to the way the kits are assembled to make construction and/or fabrication easier, in those cases I made a change to the name of the kit so that the instructions are particular to each kit name.  In some cases the changes are externally obvious, in some cases not. Click on the red name and it will link to the instructions for that kit.


Avro Arrow 2.6″ tube kit Instructions

Avro Arrow 2″ tube kit Instructions


Battlecruiser II

Bomarc (hinged rear controls not full flying)

Bomarc 2nd production run

Bomarc 1st production run

Classic Orbital Shuttle(with low mounted dihedral wing and servos on the top of the wing)

Orbital Transporter Mini

Das RokitStik Biplane


Colonial Viper

Delta Dart

Delta Dagger

Dragonship Six

Fireball XL-5 9mm depron kit

The F-14 Tomcat


GDRM(Gliding Der Red Max)

Fireball XL-5 6mm depron kit


Hypersonic III(mid mounted wing version of hypersonic with Interceptor nose cone)

Hypersonic X(mid mounted wing version of hypersonic with Interceptor nose cone and X form motor mount)

Ikarus(bt-80 based, our first tube based kit)


Interceptor X(slight update to motor mounting with X form system)

Iron Cross Mk III(updated with low mounted wing with dihedral)

Mig-25 Foxbat

Mig 21

Pegasus XL(Orbital Pegasus with angled down rear fins with hinged elevons) 

Quest Dragonfly III

Saab J-35

Saab Viggen

Space Transporter America


Star Clipper

Iron Cross

Iron Cross Mk II(easier assembly than first version)


Lifting body HL-10 with 6mm depron parts

Lifting body X-24 with 6mm depron parts

Lifting body x-20 with 6mm depron parts


Vulcan Mini(18mm motor kit)

X-15 4″  1/14 scale Tube Based Kit

Mach 2(styled after the Centuri Mach 10)

Orbitial Shuttle 1st run(mid mounted wing)

Orbital Shuttle 2nd and 3rd run(update to motor mounting system)

Orion Starliner

Pegasus X(orbital Pegasus with single piece top mounted wing with hinged elevon controls)

Scissor Wing Transport

Spyplane(profile version of SR-71)

SST(concorde styled)

Stratodart 2(second version with normal nose cone)

Stratodart X(final version with update motor mount system(no centering rings)


V-1 Buzzbomb(profile kit)

X-2(profile kit)

X-15 updated with 9mm depron parts

Xplane(profile kit styled after the X-15 with 6mm depron parts)



Delta Dart(Tube based model of F-106)

F-106(Profile model of F-106)

Jayhawk 6mm depron kit

Mig 21

Orbital Pegasus(styled after original Orbital Pegasus with mid mounted full flying tail surfaces)

Delta X-15(bt-80 based version of Ikarus with X-15-delta configuration wing/wingtips)


Interceptor 1st production kit with full flying tail

X-15-3 Delta Configuration


Valhalla(XB-70 based)

F-22 Raptor