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(Photo Courtesy of Marc McReynolds, Orion Starliner built from plans available on the site)

Dynasoar Rocketry specializes in unique Radio Controlled Rocket Glider kits for the excellent long burn Aerotech E-6 RC 24mm rocket motors.  We carry both the single use and reloadable versions of this motor and the special Aerotech casing.  These kits are not sailplanes with a rocket motor, these are sport scale kits where the intent is to look like a cool rocket plane yet have an easy to control boost with an easy controllable glide and a very soft landing at your feet.   Each kit is cut to order personally using white  BMS tubing, and include high quality carbon fiber rods, plastic nose cones, 3m blenderm and velcro tape, dubro/great planes hardware and railbuttons.com buttons. Many steps are pre-done, spars slotted/and/or installed, elevons hinged, pushrods bent, tubing cut and marked, rocket mount completed, pieces taped for easy alignment after removal from the box. All components are white so no painting is required. Kits include an adapter wire for connecting a 1s jst connector lipo battery to a standard receiver.  All you need to complete any kit is foam safe CA+, Transmitter, receiver, 2 servos, 2 servo extensions and a 1s battery with JST connector.  You boost vertically on any standard pad with 1010 rail, nothing is ejected from the model and they are ready to fly again immediately. They boost to over 500′ and have glide times of over a minute in still air. Even though these kits have a very light wing loading and are not hard to fly, they are only recommended for people with experience flying aileron controlled fixed winged RC aircraft. Priority mail shipping to US addresses is included in the kit price and each kit ships in it’s own box.  Complete build instructions and photos are available online to help with assembly and setup, simply use the instruction pulldowns above to find all current and previously manufactured kit instructions, use the contact link above if you have any questions. * Only the kits listed on this main ordering page are currently available.  Scroll down and use the add to cart buttons to place an order for kits or motors.​


New!!!  The Mig 10 RC Rocket Glider kit

Completed model

The Mig 10 RC Rocket glider kit is a cross between the old Centuri Mach 10 boost glider and the Mig 15.   It has an open intake tube fuselage with a mid mounted swept wing and tail.    It comes with 3″ white Estes tubing for the body,  9mm Depron  wing and  tail.  The main wing spars are installed, control surfaces are pre-hinged, and the body tube is pre slotted for the vertical stab and the wing.  Nothing is ejected from the model and just like my other kits you can fly it again immediately by simply inserting a new motor.  Markings shown(not included) available from Stickershock23.com   24 long, 32″ wingspan,  11.5-11.75 oz rtf.  The Mig 10 $64.99 Shipped



Iron Cross RC Rocket Glider Kit

The Iron Cross  RC Rocket glider kit is based on a top secret WW1 Rocket powered mid wing monoplane interceptor.  It has a graceful birdlike swept wing with scaloped trailing edges, a ww1 styled vertical stab,  and an open cockpit.    It comes with a plastic nose cone, 2.6″ white tubing for the body,  Depron  wing and 6mm depron tail surface.  The wing is pre-grooved for the spar, control surfaces are pre-hinged, and the body tube is pre slotted for the vertical stab and partially slotted for the wing.  Markings shown(not included) are available from Stickershock23.com 33″ long, 23″ wingspan,  10.75-11 oz rtf.(painted)  The Iron Cross $62.99 Shipped.

Space Transporter America RC Rocket Glider Kit


Completed model


The Space Transporter America   kit is a shuttle concept based on the classic kit from the 80’s but modified to glide.  The kit is large and quite impressive in flight.   The kit comes with plastic nose cone, white 2.6″ tubing pre-slotted for the wing, canards and tail, pre cut and hinged tail surfaces and spars pre-installed.   The assembly of the kit is straight forward and the templates for the major wing and tail markings are in the instructions and can be used as a painting guide or for cutting your own vinyl trim.  The flag, cockpit and text markings can be ordered direct through stickershock23.  39″ length, 23″ wingspan, 11.75 oz rtf, Space Transporter America kit $71.99 shipped 


Quest Dragonfly III RC Rocket Glider Kit



The Quest Dragonfly III   kit is based on the classic cartoon series supersonic transport.  It uses a bottom mounted wing with dihedral and the kit comes with plastic nose cone, white 2.6″ tubing pre-slotted for the tail, pre cut and hinged wing and spar pre-installed.   33″ length, 23″ wingspan, 11.5 oz rtf, Quest Dragonfly III kit $67.99 shipped 


Classic Orbital Transport Shuttle RC Rocket Glider Kit



The Classic Orbital Transport Shuttle   kit uses a bottom mounted wing with dihedral like the original piggyback glider from the classic Orbital Transport kit from the 60’s and 70’s.  The model is very docile in glide and it tends to stay level unless you give it a turn command.  The kit comes with plastic nose cone, white 2.6″ tubing pre-slotted for the tail, pre cut and hinged wing and spar pre-installed.    Stickershock cut vinyl markings shown are not included but are available here: Stickershock23.com  32″ length, 20″ wingspan, 11.25 oz rtf, Classic Orbital Transport Shuttle kit $59.99 shipped 



Pegasus XL RC Rocket Glider Kit 

Model finished ready to fly


The Pegasus XL  kit is modeled after the latest version of the air dropped satelite launch vehicle.  The kit comes with plastic nose cone,  white 2.6″ tubing pre-slotted for the tail surfaces, wing and tail surfaces pre-assembled with spars installed and surfaces hinged and Stickershock printed markings are included.   38″ length, 22″ wingspan, 10.75 oz rtf, Pegasus XL Kit $65.99 Shipped  

Aurora Clipper RC Rocket Glider Kit

The Aurora Clipper RC Rocket glider kit is a sleek fast looking design that is easy to fly. It features a low mounted delta wing with dihedral, a plastic nose cone, 2″ white tubing for the body and depron® wing and tail surfaces. It has a light wing loading giving it a very nice glide and easy/stable boost, and the dihedral helps keep it level unless you give it a turn command.  Construction is very simple and takes about an hour and a half. Wing elevons are pre-hinged and spars are pre-installed. The body tube is pre-slotted for the tail surface and rail buttons are side mounted to avoid catching on the ground during landing.  Decals are NOT included, and can be purchased online at Stickershock23  Specs: 37″ length, 22″ wingspan, 11.25 oz lift-off-weight Aurora Clipper kit $62.50

Single Use Rocket Motors

The single use E-6RC rocket motors are a disposable version of the reloadable motors I’ve used for years.  They are also several grams lighter so require less nose weight to balance.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for motors are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout.

Aerotech E-6P RC Single use $12.50 per motor.



Reloadable Rocket Motor Casings and Reload Kits

The aerotech 24mm E-6 motor is the recommended motor for all Dynasoar Rocketry kits.  They do require the aerotech 24mm RC casing which has a solid forward end.  

The reloads come in a pack of three with initiators.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for reloads are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout.   Watch the video below to see how easy it is to reload these motors.

Aerotech E-6RC 3-Pack reload $20.49

Aerotech 24mm RMS RC Plugged Casing and Closure $45.00

(this casing is required for the 3 pack reloads above)


Installing igniters into your rocket motors:

The igniters for these motors are small and it is easy to damage the tip if you aren’t careful.  I don’t carry spares and Aerotech charges a lot for them.  You need to secure the igniter in place, touching the propellent and keeping it from blowing out on initial firing before it truly lights the propellent.  You also need to make sure the leads don’t pull the igniter out and that you don’t block the small nozzle but that the igniter can pull out when the model lifts off.  These motors don’t have a large thrust spike so if you use too much tape it can actually yank the model instead of releasing it.    I simply insert the igniter carefully till it just touches the bottom of the propellent slot, and then fold the igniter back over the nozzle and secure it with a 1/8″ wide strip of masking tape and make one and a half wraps around the nozzle.   This holds it securely but makes sure the igniter can pull out after liftoff.



RC rocket gliders should be flown responsibly as you cannot turn off the motor after ignition, here is the NAR recommended safety code . AMA safety code only specifies  Rocket motors, up to a G-series size, may be used for propulsion, as long as they use solid propellants and remain attached to your model during the flight. Launching a rocket or any other missile from a model aircraft is prohibited Use the appropriate guidelines depending on whether you are at an AMA site of NAR supported launch.

Given the latest news on the FAA ruling for model aircraft I’m sure there is concern about these boosting over 400′.  Direct communication between the FAA and NAR board noted that rocket gliders, whether rc or not are considered rockets and are not what the FAA is concerned about, there should be no issue flying them especially at launches already with a waiver in place for rocketry.


**I get queries about shipping to Canada and overseas, however due to the size of the kit boxes the price is usually cost prohibitive and people aren’t interested in paying what the postal service charges.  For this reason Non US paypal accounts are not accepted by default.  If you are outside the US and are interested in ordering a kit please use the contact form with your mailing address and I can get you a quote and enable payment.   I can’t mail motors internationally.


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