Dynasoar Rocketry specializes in limited runs of unique Radio Controlled Rocket Gliders for the excellent long burn Aerotech E-6 RC 24mm rocket motors. These kits are cut personally by me using Depron or Model Plane foam, white Estes and BMS tubing, and include high quality carbon fiber rods, plastic nose cones, 3m blenderm and velcro tape, dubro/great planes hardware and railbuttons.com buttons. Many steps are pre-done, spars slotted/and/or installed, elevons hinged, pushrods bent, tubing cut and marked, rocket mount completed, pieces taped for easy alignment after removal from the box. All components are white. Current kits come with an adapter wire for connecting a jst lipo battery to a standard receiver.  Complete build instructions and photos are available online to help with assembly and setup. Use the Instruction pulldowns above to find all current and OOP kit instructions. Wing loading is very light and glide speed and decent rate are slow enough for easy spot landings. You boost vertically on any standard pad with 1010 rail, nothing is ejected from the model and they are ready to fly again immediately. Their design gives them a low wing loading, slow glide, and easy construction while still maintaining the look of a real aircraft. They boost to over 500′ and have glide times of over a minute in still air. Once trimmed, they are a lot of fun to fly in the wind. Even though these kits are not hard to fly, they are only recommended for people with aileron controlled fixed winged aircraft RC flight experience. Priority mail shipping to US addresses is included in the kit price and each kit ships in it’s own box. Please allow 2-3 days for me to create your kit. We are one of the only dealers who stock a large inventory of the 24mm Aerotech E-6RC rocket motor reloads. Current paypal settings will only allow US address buyers to order directly.   Scroll down and use the add to cart buttons to place an order for kits or motors.​  I typically purchase small batches of parts for each kit type and when those parts are gone I’ll move those kits to the OOP instruction page.  It’s difficult to maintain an inventory of parts for every kit I’ve ever made, and often parts/cones from the manufactuers are discontinued.  If you see something you like pick it up as it may not be produced again.


Hypersonic III RC Rocket Glider Kit


The Hypersonic III modeled after the X-15-3 Delta configuration proposed to get the X-15-2 beyond Mach 7. This proposed version had a clipped delta wing and angled wingtips.  It comes with a Depron foam wing and wingtips, and a plastic nose cone with molded panel lines and canopy. Simple construction makes assembly and radio install easy. Model shown was finished with Stickershock23.com  markings, not included, markings for white or black color scheme is available. 38″ length, 20 wingspan, 11.5-12 oz rtf, Hypersonic III Kit $64.99 shipped

Stratotdart 2 RC Rocket Glider Kit


The  Stratodart 2 Rocket glider kit.  This is a slightly redesigned version of the original Stratodart kit.  The kit features a mid mounted MPF foam delta wing, depron tail and a plastic nose cone.  Simple construction makes assembly and radio install easy.  Model shown was finished with Stickershock23.com  markings, not included. 38″ length, 23″ wingspan, 11.5 oz rtf.  Stratodart 2 Kit $61.99 shipped


HABU RC Rocket Glider Kit

Completed model

The  HABU RC Rocket glider kit. This is a limited run kit, the first two runs are sold out.  Please use the contact form below to get on the list if you are interested and when I get 10 people interested, I’ll order the custom parts and decals and do another run and invoice you at that time.    The kit comes with Model Plane Foam (MPF) wing and tail surfaces. stickershock cut vinyl markings as shown,  3-d printed upper and lower cones, intake spikes, and control surfaces are pre-installed and hinged. spars are cut and pre-slotted into the wing. It is an excellent flyer as shown in the video below.   39″ length, 21.5 wingspan, 13.25 oz rtf.  The HABU Kit $79.99 shipped.


Add me to the waiting list for the next HABU kit run


Battlecruiser RC Rocket Glider Kit

The Battlecruiser RC Rocket glider kit.  The kit comes with pre-assembled fuselage tube, Model Plane Foam (MPF) wing and tail surfaces and stickershock cut vinyl markings. It is an excellent flyer as shown in the video below.   Foam pieces are laser cut and the spar and control surfaces are pre-installed and hinged. 29″ length, 23.5″ wingspan, 11 oz rtf.  This kit can also be flown with a pusher electric setup, information shown in the instruction page.  The Battlecruiser Kit $65.50 shipped.





 Daedalus RC Rocket Glider Kit

The Daedalus RC Rocket glider kit is based on the secretive X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle used by the US Air force on long duration secret missions and returns to earth to be re-flown. It comes with a plastic nose cone, 2.6″ white tubing for the body, Depron Tail surfaces, and Model Plane Foam (MPF) wing.  Simple construction makes assembly and radio install easy.  Model shown finished with Stickershock23.com markings in X-40 drop test and X-37 markings, not included,  2.6″ diameter,  33″ length, 23.5″ wingspan, 10.5 oz rtf.  Deadalus Kit $64.99 shipped



Reloadable Rocket Motor Casings and Reload Kits

The aerotech 24mm E-6 motor is the recommended motor for all Dynasoar Rocketry kits.  They do require the aerotech 24mm RC casing which has a solid forward end.  The casings themselves are on backorder, however the reloads are always in stock.

The reloads come in a pack of three with initiators.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for reloads/casings are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout.   Watch the video below to see how easy it is to reload these motors.

Aerotech E-6RC 3-Pack reload $20.49  OUT OF STOCK but MORE ON ORDER



***Notes regarding rocket motors used in these kits:


These kits are designed for the E-6 because it has a gentle burn rate and keeps the speeds low, around 88fps.  This has two benefits, you reduce chance of flutter in the foam wing from overspeed and it gives you more time to adjust to wind and trim issues especially on the first few flights.

  • I would never trust one of the estes 24mm E motors as I’ve just seen too many fail and Estes won’t replace your RC model:)
  • A an epoxy plugged(1/8″ thick)D-12-0 motor in my tests were ok.   The initial thrust is higher, but the burn time is lower, however the D motor only gets you 200-250′ altitude so glides are short.    The epoxy is needed for the D-12-0 to prevent the burnthrough from damaging the wing foam as the motor tube is exposed at the front, and if you let the motor eject you will be too nose heavy for glide.
  • Epoxy plugging bp motors is not manufacturer approved and so not NAR legal, and modifying bp motors makes them research, and tripoli does not allow bp research motors, AMA approved flying sites follow NAR rules so would not be kosher either, so I can’t really formally recommend that in general, but if you are flying at your own site you can do whatever you want to and people do it all the time. 
  • I would definitely not recommend E-11/E-12/F-12/E-18/E-20/E-15 P-W motors because the speeds expected with those motors are twice what you get with the E-6 and you risk flutter and the boost is so fast it’s very hard to control.  I’ve designed these to be as light as possible with the available components to maximize performance on the E-6.  If I designed them stiffer, they would be heavier and performance would be lower.  Here are some sim numbers for the Stratodart kit at 11 oz rtf, you can see that all motors sim to approx the same altitude,  are approx the same cost per flight,  but the E-6 keeps the speed nice and easy and easy to control as well: To give some perspective to these numbers,  126fps maps to 85mph which is typical edf jet speeds, 248fps maps to 170 miles per hour which is a good rocket speed but very high for an rc airplane without a lot of reinforcement.  Note that the new E-15PW motors are actually rebranded E-20PW motors with a much higher peak thrust.

Here is what happens when you use a 24mm Estes E motor and it fails…


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