Dynasoar Rocketry: Ordering Kits/Motors

Dynasoar Rocketry is a kit manufacturer specializing in short runs of unique, easy building Radio Controlled Rocket Glider kits. You boost vertically on any standard pad with 1010 rail, nothing is ejected from the model and they are ready to fly again immediately.   Complete build instructions and photos are available online to help with assembly and setup.  High quality cut vinyl self adhesive decals are available for my kits from a third party mfg as noted in the directions for each kit.  Click on the kit photos below to view the instructions.  All you need to complete any kit is foam safe CA+, Transmitter with elevon mixing and flight modes or flap elevator trim capability, 4 channel receiver, 2 servos, 2 servo extensions and a 1s battery with JST connector.   These kits are designed for composite 24mm rocket motors ONLY.  We carry both the E-6RC motors(for most kits) and the E-20 single use motors for the X-15 and YF-12 kits.

Kit prices below include priority shipping to US addresses, please allow 2-3 days for me to hand cut your kit and another 2-3 days to get to you after mailing.  Due to a rise in package theft, you have the option to include signature required or not.   Motor shipping is calculated at checkout.  I am not shipping motors or kits outside the US due to restrictions and cost.


The Vulcan  RC Rocket glider kit is modeled after the classic cold war British nuclear “V” Bomber. It features a pre-cut body tube with tail, wing slots, and tail “stinger” pre cut.  It has a light wing loading giving it a very nice glide and easy/stable boost.  It comes with a plastic nose cone, 2.6″ white tubing for the body and 9mm depron wing and  6mm tail surface, cockpit and dummy motor detail.   Elevons are pre-hinged, the rail button holes are pre-cut. The wing spar slots are pre-cut.   Length 37″, wingspan 20″, weight rtf  10.25 oz.  For E-6 motor only.  The Vulcan: $69.99 shipped.

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The F-105 Thunderchief RC Rocket glider kit is based on the cold war era mach 2 nuclear bomber that was utilized in Vietnam for bombing and SAM supression.  It was the largest single seat single engine jet aircraft of the time.  It features a mid mounted 9mm depron wing with spar installed,  2.6″ white tubing for the body pre-slotted for the wing and tail, rear of body tube pre-cut to simulate afterburner/speed brake petals, and the depron  tail surfaces have the spars pre-installed and elevons pre-hinged.  Rail buttons holes are are pre-punched and comes with a white plastic nose cone. Specs:  34″ length, 26.5″ wingspan, 11.5 oz rtf   For E-6 motor only.  The F-105 Thunderchief: $72.49 Shipped

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X-15 A2(Full Fuse)

The X-15  1/14 scale RC Rocket glider kit is modeled after the later version of the hypersonic reasearch vehicle that flew with the XLR-99 engine and without the extended lower ventral fin.  This version was used in the high altitude flights to 67 miles.  The kit  includes pre-slotted body tube, plastic  nose cone, pre-hinged control surfaces, pre-installed spars and pre-cut 6mm depron taul surfaces and wing.  Length 42″, wingspan 20″, weight 17 oz rtf.  This kit is designed for Advanced R/C rocket glider pilots only due to the higher boost speed and faster glide.  For E-20 motors only.

X-15A2 119.99 Shipped ONLY ONE KIT LEFT!!

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F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat R/C rocket glider kit is designed after the excellent Grumman fleet defence fighter.  It features a simplified fixed wing to make assembly easy yet giving a high boost and excellent glide while still retaining the look of the swing wing design.  The model features plastic nose cone, pre-cut depron wing, tail and cockpit, elevons pre-hinged and spar pre-installed.  Rail buttons holes are pre-punched.  Body tube is pre-cut at an angle for the rear.  Kit comes with 5 pages of marking guides for making the panel lines and cutting your own cockpit decals and wing walk areas.  31″ long, 19″ wingspan, 2.6″ diameter, 10 oz rtf. For E-6 motors only.  The F-14 Tomcat: 69.99 shipped

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Delta Dart

Completed F-106 Delta Dart

The Delta Dart kit is based on the cold war Mach 2.4 interceptor that served Norad and the air guard into the 80’s.  It features 2.6″ white tubing, pre-slotted and angle cut with pre-cut rail button holes, wing elevons pre-installed with spar groove pre-cut, 6mm depron surfaces.  This is one of our lightest smallest kits and really scoots on boost but due to the light weight has a respectible glide time.  Wingspan 20″, Length 27.5″, weight 8.35 oz rtf.  For E-6 motors only. The Delta Dart kit: 68.99 Shipped.

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Orbital Transporter

The Orbital Transporter RC Rocket glider kit is an upscale of the parasite glider from the Orbital Transport kit from the 1960’s/70’s. Unlike the original which was just an unpowered free flight glider, this model is intended to boost and recover by itself without any booster rocket or ejecting pod.  It comes with a plastic nose cone, 2.6″ white tubing for the body,  6mm depron wing and tail surface. Surfaces are pre-hinged, spars are pre-installed, rail button holes are pre-cut.   Construction is very simple and takes about an hour and a half.   Length 32″, wingspan 20″, weight 9.75 oz rtf. For E-6 motors only.  The Orbital Transporter kit: $68.50 shipped.

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The YF-12 RC Rocket glider kit   The YF-12 RC Rocket glider kit is modeled after the interceptor version of the A-12/SR-71.  It set speed and altitude records, was used to test Mach 3 missile launches using the Aim 47 missile at long range, and later by NASA for research.   It comes with pre-slotted white BMS tubing for the body and engine nacelles,  Depron wing and tail surfaces, elevons pre-hinged and spar grooves pre-cut.  Includes rail buttons.  Wingspan 21.5″, length 40″(about 1/32 scale) weight 12 oz rtf.  For E-6 motors(first flight) or E-20 motors(once the model is trimmed)  YF-12 kit $75.99 Shipped 

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Aurora Clipper 

The Aurora Clipper RC Rocket glider kit is a sleek fast looking design that is easy to fly. It features a low mounted delta wing with dihedral, a plastic nose cone, 2″ white tubing for the body and depron® wing and tail surfaces. It has a light wing loading giving it a very nice glide and easy/stable boost, and the dihedral helps keep it level unless you give it a turn command.  Construction is very simple and takes about an hour and a half. Wing elevons are pre-hinged and spars are pre-installed. The body tube is pre-slotted for the tail surface and rail buttons are pre-installed.   Specs: 37″ length, 22″ wingspan, 11.25 oz lift-off-weight. For E-6 motors only.  Aurora Clipper, $68.50 Shipped.

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**If you are planning on flying more than 8 flights, it is more cost effective to buy 3 reload packs and a casing than 9 single use motors.  Single use motors are less work to prep and are lighter in weight by 9 grams.**

Single Use E-6RC Rocket Motors

The single use E-6RC rocket motors are a disposable version of the reloadable motors I’ve used for years.  They are also several grams lighter so require less nose weight to balance.  The single use motor comes with one initiator.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for motors are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout and includes insurance.    Single Use E-6P RC motor $13.50

The Aerotech 24mm E-6 reloadable motor 3 pack is the recommended motor for all current Dynasoar Rocketry kits except the X-15 Tube based model.  They require the aerotech 24mm RC casing which has a solid forward end available below.  

The reloads come in a pack of three with initiators.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for reloads are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout and  includes insurance.  

Aerotech E-6RC 3-Pack reload $22.50

This casing is required for the 3 pack E-6 reloads above, it is NOT the same as the standard 24/40 casing with forward closure and you cannot use these reloads in the standard casing.  Shipping is based on weight and includes insurance calculated at checkout. Aerotech 24mm RMS RC Plugged Casing and Closure $45.00

E-20 Single Use Rocket Motors

The single use E-20-4 rocket motors are for use in the X-15 full fuse model as the liftoff weight requires higher thrust than the E-6 can provide.  Motors come in a  2 pack.  There is a video explaning how to remove the ejection charge on the X-15 full fuse instruction page.   You may also use this motor in the YF-12 kits once you have flown and trimmed the model.  No other dynasoar rocketry kits should be flown with these motors.     Single Use E-20-4 2 pack $20.50 

Shipping for motors are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout and includes insurance.

**Note, if you have ANY damage to your shipping box and contents, please take high quality photos of the box damage and any parts damage and email them to me at dynasoarrocketry@gmail.com   USPS is now requiring photo proof of any damage claims.  Once I file a claim with photos you will receive a letter shortly asking you to go to the post office and bring the damaged box and item for a postal inspector to review them, PLEASE do not throw the contents or box away.  Once you do this, the claim will proceed and I can send you replacement parts if needed.  IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS I cannot replace parts for you.