Feedback from Happy Customers

“I continue to be amazed that you can get these things with such relatively little surface area, and that so far back from the geometric center of the rocket’s length, to fly. But anyone who can glide a Klingon Battle Cruiser Just has the gift.”

“Frank I now have built and flown two of your kits the F-105 and the F-102 and have purchased the Vulcan and started building that also. Thank you for putting the fun back of my two favorite hobbies Rockets & RC” Brian V

I have to say how impressed I am with everything that you do.  I’ve built a fair amount of model rockets in my life, to the point that it became boring. Same ole thing…build ‘um, lunch ‘um and then look at ‘um hanging in a tree. You models are what I would consider as perfect. They are all well designed, they look good and what used to be the worst part, the recovery is now the best part.  Not only that, I consider all the stuff that you do to make it happen to be an art. I am really impressed with the care taken to prepare and pack your models, and I am especially impressed with your instructions. Everything is through and detailed. The amount of effort and thoughtfulness that you put into it really, really shows  Jeff B.

I received the kit and let me tell you from a guy that has designed and built and sold kits. I am blown away by the quality and completeness of the kit. You are not making any money but doing it for the love of it and I appreciate it. Aaron G.

Stratodart X from dynasoarrocketry.com has to be the most docile rocket glider I’ve ever flown. Long, smooth boost to 400’+ on Aerotech E6 engines, followed by a slow, floating glide. One of the most stable models of any kind that I’ve flown.  Joshua Finn JH Aerospace

Your work is incredible.  The colonial viper was epic  David F.

They went together easily. Spent waaaay more time drawing panel lines and laying trim tape than I did gluing the RBGs together. Everything went together like a glove…The stickershock vinyl decals are really nice quality and look great. I really like how you and Mark have teamed up to have livery decals available for all your kits. That makes much less work on me, to have to dream and size a decal set myself.  Chuck P.

Hi Frank, we had our rocket day today. The Bomarc flew awesome. Great flight, smooth landing. And all the other dynasoar rockets flew awesome. I always follow your directions, and they are spot on.  Will Rademacher

Thanks for all your creative designs, it’s been great, Kelly

Holy crap!  Mig-25 is my favorite jet from that era.  Man, you got me on this one!  I just ordered it.  Yours looks awesome!  So glad you did this one.  I said I wasn’t going to build any more RGs…Al Clark

Hi Frank,  Chris was able to set off five demo flights and I think those were the wow moments of our Hobby Fest.  Thanks for your help.  Tom

The stratodart was perfect and in the absence of strong wind (thanks Florida) I was shocked to see how high these both boosted. They are nearly specs for a moment at the top of the arc and they are surprisingly similar in terms of glide performance, probably an edge to the dart of course. By flight 3 I was hand catching it like a DL glider. Tons of fun.  Hans

Frank… Just to let  you know the maiden flight of the Habu was beautiful… could not have been better. Got lots of “Wow” from the spectators, too!  Thanks! Thomas K

 Your kits look great and the instructions seem quite complete. I will let you know if I have any questions. Thanks for offering your kits at such a reasonable price.  I wish everyone was customer focused like you are. It has been great dealing with you. Thanks for filling my order and shipping so quickly. Steve B
Thanks for the update. And thanks for making such a cool product. Way to combine my two favorite hobbies!  MW
FUN!! Flew first 3 flights on my Hypersonic III….WOW! Flew great,.. that thing gets small fast! Outstanding kit, thank you. It does not need any more power, that’s for sure- George F

“I ordered an InteR/Ceptor from Frank the other day and I have to say I could not be more pleased with the quality of his kit. Franks attention to detail is outstanding. I dry assembled it last night and hope to build it out over the weekend. The full flying horizontal tails are already assembled to the aft fuse on the pivot assemblies with control horns already in place! Franks technique of taping mating parts together and folding them for shipment where they will be glued is genius. You simply unfold and glue and then add tape over the other side of the joint. The parts fit is perfect which is exceptional for a hand cut kit!

The Sticker Shock markings are awesome and bring the model to life.Got to maiden the X-15 at the Hearne, Tx launch yesterday. Great under boost and a surprising nice glide. Love the way it looks in the air! ” – Tom Blakeney

​”Your kit is awesome, and even for a “non-kit” person like me, it was easy to assemble thanks to the work you put into it. My buddy had all the spare goodies I needed and we put it together in about an hour.”  Aros(rcgroups)

“I spent a couple of hours Friday evening building one of Franks Spyplane prototype kits at Frank’s home. I’ve had NO experience with Foam and not much with Cyno. It went together really well and although unpainted it resembles a very cool looking Spyplane” – George Rachor

“I built up the airframe of the Spyplane over the weekend. Honestly, it was dead simple and it looks fantastic. My wife and son were impressed that the pile of foam turned into a plane in about one hour…. If you have any interest in putting together a RCBG this is a fantastic way to do it – Frank includes everything you would need other than the electronics and it goes together quite simply.” – Jason

“Hit the button.. and WOW it boosts nice. I did have to put a little aileron in it to keep it from rolling. but not much at all, then when the motor burned out. I flipped it into glide mode… a few clicks of trim and shes glidning like a dream.. second flight went perfect! man it seemed to glide forever.. Frank these things are just way to much fun man… ” – Mark at Stickershock23

​”I got my X-15 and SR-71 kits and damn, they’re nice looking kits! Frank’s assembly work and cutting on them are top rate and I can’t believe he doesn’t charge more for them considering the obvious work put into them. Additionally, I was an Ebay collectibles Powerseller years ago and took pride that I’venever seen anyone package shipments better than me (I used to double box and make custom cushioning and support devices); however I’ll have to say I’m very impressed with the packing work done…using tape to suspend the items is very smart and this ranks among the best packing I’ve seen. Kudos Frank! So if any of you are on the fence about Frank’s kits, I’ll open the fence door for you, tell you to get off that fence and say it’s a no-brainer that the kit is a great value, fantastic design and has incredible workmanship. Thanks Frank!” – Ken Liu

“The X-Plane kit arrived a few days ago and it goes together fast. The parts are already cut and fit together very well. It is amazing how straight the cuts are in the foam.”  Bob (Aerostadt on rocketryforum)

“Frank, very nice–happy and excited that I picked up one of your kits. Everyone that hasn’t gotten one of Frank’s kits I’ll tell you you need to get one. They come with all accessories needed short of electronics installation. At the price these kits are a steal! In my mind, Frank is really doing us all in the rocketry community a service making it easy to step into RC controlled rocketry.” Dixontj93060 on TRF.

Flew the Mach 2 today. This is a great flying plane, and the power package is a perfect fit. Looks great in the air, and smooth. Perfect for us that built the Mach 10, a throwback. As a added bonus, it fits perfectly in the Smart Car! Great job with this one Frank! Flew the Mach 2 in pusher config a lot this weekend, and my wife flew it as well, now she wants her own!

John B

We flew it(Spyplane) twice today to the delight of about 600 elementary school kids. Both flights were perfect and the ship flies as advertised. Used D11P motors which was perfect for the space we had.
Love this rocket glider and so do the kiddos. Can’t wait to do it again next year.  John C.

I have to say again that building one of Frank’s well executed and highly prefab kits is always a pleasure. Frank’s models qualify as ARFs in my book. The Bomarc’s pre-assembled full flying stabilator, the pre-installed wing spar, the unfold and glue wing assembly, most of the needed holes pre drilled in the body tube and the pre-assembled nacelle struts make construction fast and simple  Tom B.

​I have really enjoyed the Arc Light kit that I got from you back in June. It flies absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to get the Bomarc kit….Kelly R

Here is a very thorough review done by Chuck Pierce for his club newsletter:  DynaSoar Rocketry Interceptor III Rocket Boost Glider Review (1).pdf

Well got three good flights out of her today  it flies AWESOME!  I actually rolled over and did a loop at the top  although you really cant see it.. glides perfect!  Mark Hayes of stickershock23 on his Mach 2 RCRG kit

Hi Frank, we love your models. We built three for our Rocket Day 2017. They fly great. We will be ordering more, I am sure!   Bill Rademacher

Just wanted to say thanks for making our “Rocket Day” we had recently such a success. We built two of the conformal rail launch pads that you show on your site, as well as a Stratodart, a Hypersonic II and Hypersonic III. In spite of no test flights beforehand all were launched  and recovered successfully multiple times. We had many other rockets and RC plane flights during the day, but the boost gliders were the crowd favorite. I think we even converted some RC guys who usually sneer at anything rockets, and they may add to the show next time. Thanks again for your help and look forward to adding to the boost glider fleet.  Glenn Greenwell

RE: the Orion Starliner: Last two flights I got the trims sorted and boost was nice.  Much better glide and lower sink rate than expected.  Flies really well and looks great in the air.  Landings were no problem at all.  A great design you have there!  I think your customers will love it. Al Clark

All the gliders were awesome! Both Johnny Quests flew great. The black x15 could win awards it flies so good. We had 5 there and all flew well.  A lot of rc spectators want the gliders now.  WR.
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your Rocket Gliders, they are awesome and beautiful to look, very satisfying and there is that excitement viewing the launch, flight and that certain calmness watching them come back to Earth and back to launch point! Excellent!Take care PW