Kit Instructions

Here is a listing of instructions for the kits Dynasoar Rocketry has recently produced.   If your kit parts are not matching the pictures or instructions or if you are not finding your exact kit name, use the contact form and I’ll help you out.  Click on the red kit name below the kit picture and it will link to the instructions for that kit.   Note ** Only the kits on the main ordering page are currently being produced.  Once a kits templates have worn out and I’ve discontinued the model I don’t have a way of reproducing it, I do not draw or provide plans, I work from my hand drawn cutting templates only.

Aurora Clipper

Avro Arrow

Battlecruiser II

Colonial Viper


Completed F-106 Delta Dart

Completed F-102 Delta Dagger

Delta Dart/Delta Dagger


The F-14 Tomcat

Fireball XL-5 9mm depron kit

Iron Cross Mk II(Mid wing version)

Iron Cross Mk III(updated with low mounted wing with dihedral)

Mig-25 Foxbat

Mig 21

Pegasus XL(Orbital Pegasus with angled down rear fins with hinged elevons) 

Saab J-35

Saab Viggen

Space Transporter America


X-15 Tube Based Kit

X-15 Profile kit with 9mm depron parts