Dragonship 7 RC RG Plans


Here are plans for your personal use. Click on the link for a pdf download of the parts tracings. Use the pictures as references to how they go together.

I use a slightly tail heavy launch condition and slightly nose heavy glide and it works without having to shift balast.   I prefer a launch rail with guide buttons as there is no flex, if you use a launch rod, you would need a minimum 6′ 1/4″ rod to give proper liftoff speed.

Reminder that this was scanned full size, but printers normally cannot print to the edges, and they will shrink the image and put some border around it, this will yield a smaller than original print and may cause mis-alignment, make sure you turn off page scaling in the printer before printing, and that there is no scaling or auto-expand or fill to the sheets and that you print without borders.

Build light, I’ve included carbon where it is needed for flight loads. I use velcro to hold the RX and bec/esc in place, as it allows easy changing out if needed.I don’t use clevis connectors, but use .039 music wire and Z bends that fit tightly and glue my servos in place. Less to fail or go wrong. there is zero slop and it is light and simple. If you have to splice your foam sheets, use blenderm tape on both sides to reinforce the joint if needed. I use great planes or dubro wing skids on the bottom of the fuse and this helps avoid landing damage. Please feel free to send me feedback on any issues or success you have.  Note this was designed to use 5.5mm Model Plane Foam(MPF)  I used the below estes decals as a basis for my markings, I just drew and cut templates from black or red self adhesive vinyl and cut them by hand, or you can contact Mark at stickershock23 and see if he can make something for you, you’ll have to send him the pdf drawings of the plans so he knows the sizes of the fin/wings. His normal decals are printed for this model, you will have to request cut vinyl as it will work better on this model.

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Build thread on RCGROUPS with pictures of the assemblies.