What’s New?


Pegasus xl, dragonfly III and Peashooter kits are now sold out


Single use motors now back in stock, Aerotech price increases from October 2018 now in effect so Reloads went up $1.50 and single use went up $1.00.


USPS had a postal rate increase, usps ground shipping went up a slight amount for motors, kit shipping looks like it wsn’t impacted much so I kept prices the same for now.


Sold out of single use motors, more on order, ETA March 2019


Added plans for X20 dyna-soar


Added profile x15 kit


Added a Radio Settings Page for showing what I use with my DX-8 for trim/throw settings.


YF-12 first run is sold out, I expect a new shipment of nose cones near christmas and then they will be a standard item I will carry.  I also released the Invader, based on the old UFO invader kit from Centuri.  Another new release was the Mig 10, a cross between the Mig 15 and Mach 10 glider kit from centuri.  I upgraded the kits to all have rail buttons pre-installed for you and removed the need to do any wing slotting yourself making kit assembly for all kits even easier.  I updated the Orbital Shuttle to be now called the Orbital Transporter with the servos mounted on the bottom of the wing for a cleaner appearance.


Took pre-orders for the final HABU/SR-71 kit run and finished production.  Difficulty in obtaining 3-d printed parts, no good alternatives at reasonable prices and rises in tubing shipping make continuing to produce this kit, even on pre-order problematic.  This will be replaced by a YF-12 style model that will be less expensive, and lighter weight and not rely on custom parts.


Released the Space Transporter America and Quest Dragonfly III kits for sale

Aurora Clipper kits now sold through Apogee Components.


E-6 reloads are back in stock


Winner of the 400th kit raffle on facebook is Joshua Finn of JH Aerospace, congrats!

E-6RC reload packs are on order, expected by 9/28 to be back in stock.


Interceptor X kits are now sold out, Stratodart X kits are now sold via Apogee Components,  We released two new kits the Aurora Clipper and the Iron Cross kits today.


One Interceptor X kit remaining.  Attended Naram and got a lot of good response and interest, sold some kits to Apogee for resale as well as selling one kit to the new Estes owner!.  Beta testing of the Das RokitStik in progress, may become a kit.  Reloads, Casings and single use motors in stock in good quantities.


Re-releasing a small run of Orion Starliner and Interceptor kits with a slightly redesigned motor mount


Added a new page with info from Hans Kahlert on lighting he used on two of my kits for night flights.


Released  the Classic Orbital Transport Shuttle kit, a modification that is more like the original orbital transport shuttle and easier to build.

Also got more Pegasus decals in stock so can continue to make those kits.

I re-worked the Hypersonic, Pegasus and Stratodart kits to use an X style motor mount with simplified constructions and renamed them Pegasus X, Hypersonic X and Stratodart X so the instruction pages would be clear that these are different.


E-6 reload packs back in stock, We will be attending LDRS and will have motors and kits with us!


Released a very short run of the Pegasus 2 satelite launch vehicle.


Final run of the HABU is now sold


Second kit run of the HABU sold out, taking names for a third run.


First kit run of the HABU is sold out now taking names for the waiting list, when I get 10 names I’ll order parts and do another run.


First run of the Battlecruiser is sold out second run has a few kits left you can order


First runs of Orion Starliner and Marauder are sold out, not much interest so won’t continue those at this time.


Original Stratodart kit sold out, replaced with slightly less expensive Stratodart 2 with identical flight performance but with slightly different construction and nose cone.


Orbital Shuttle Kit released!


Working on another prototype using BT-80 tubing, this is based on an upscaled version of the glider from the Estes Orbital Transport, 20″ wingspan, 32″ length, 10.25 oz rtf.  Prototype complete and instructions posted, just waiting for decals to finish it off for release.


Released the Marauder cruise missile kit!


Released the Daedalus OTV Kit!


Working on two new BT-80/PNC-80BB based kits, using MPF for the wings.  One will be based on the Mace missile, the other on the X-37B space plane.  Prototypes are built, just waiting for test flights.  Instructions for both are in the OOP instructions pulldown under Jericho and Daedalus…


Released the new Orion Starliner kit using MPF


Evaluating model plane foam (MPF) as an alternative to depron which would still be white and not require painting.

Beta testers are building and testing Orion Starliner kits. If no issues are found this will be offered as a kit.

I’ve built and flown an upscale of the Orion Starliner using 3″ tubing that is 55″ long with a 37″ wingspan designed for 32mm G-12 rocket motors, plans are now published on the plans pulldown with wing/tail tracings, parts list and instruction sheet.  This is not a beginner build or flying airplane but is very docile if you have aileron experience.  Weight is critical in this model so attention must be payed during the build process.

I currently have a prototype called Orion Starliner, it is the lightest model I’ve done using tubing at under 10 ounces.  It boosts to 600-700 feet.  I’ve finished mine in a shuttle like pattern and will add TWA logos.  The wing planform is inspired by the 2001 space oddesey Orion III shuttle, with an added tail for stability.  Flight tests of two prototypes, one using depron and one using flite test foam were perfect and rtf weight was almost identical.

I’m  experimenting with flite test foam board which has a waterproof paper covering and it stiffer than depron foam, but since it is brown will require painting.  However you should be able to use many types of paints and not damage the foam.  It will require the use of bob smith foam cure or beacons foam tac glue for assembly since foam safe CA and epoxies don’t stick well to the coated paper surface.  Stay tuned for more! I’ve currently got enough depron cut for 27 more hypersonic/stratodart kits and that will be it for those designs unless I can apply the new flite test foam to replace it.

I’ve added two sets of templates with instructions for building a Mig 19 or A-7 corsair II using estes PS-II tubing and depron foam.  Hover over the plans tab above and click on the Mig 19/A7 pulldown.  There is a sheet for instructions which applies to both and a template pdf you can download along with some photos to help show how it goes together.  These are more advanced models for people with more flying/building experience.